Back to Maryland

Well hello there!

Sissy and I made it back to MD safely and are enjoying out time with Nick, thus I will make this a brief post once again.  Thank you for understanding!

This morning Mom and I did 40min of yoga from the DVD Nick got her for Christmas before testing out a new breakfast.

Cantaloupe Oats!

001 1/3 cup oats, 1/4 slice of loupe, 1 tsp chia seeds, slice of cranberry orange bread, almond butter.


Interesting combo, but the bread is really good on there!

After breakfast I packed up the car with all of my bags and Sissy for another loooong drive back to B-more.  It took an extra hour to get home, but don’t worry…we had Christmas cookies in the car!  I had an apple and 4 Christmas cookies for lunch…not the best choices.

I was going to go to the gym when I got home, but given the late arrival and an annoying tick in my knee I decided to jump right into re-stocking the fridge.

I got 2 gift cards to Whole Food for Christmas so you know where I went!  I actually have a little money left, but I did stock up on staples like black eyed peas for new years and veggie broth.

I wanted to test out the Giddler my mom got me for Christmas and the trout looked  great at WF.  DONE!

003 004

Trout with lemon herb spices, spinach salad with maters and feta, rutabega chips with mustard.


Fish shot!


Nick loved it!  I am going to try and get sustainable fish more into our diets!

For dessert with both enjoyed 2 delicious Kent Marzapan truffles!007 Thanks Heidi!

OK off to hang out with my guy 🙂


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