On the 5th Day of Christmas

It was so nice to be back in my bed with Sissy and Nick last night, but I do miss my momma and CT.

Today I am finally taking my first step to becoming a Maryland resident.  I am getting an MD drivers license.  To bad I have a massive zit on my forehead that looks like my third eye.  Oh the stress of the holidays.

I got to sleep in a bit because there would be mucho traffic getting to the DVM when it opened so I opted to wait.  Today I will be doing a lot of waiting so I am breathing and taking it one step at a time.

I also started off my day with a lovely bowl of oats!


It is technically the 5th day of Christmas so I took the liberty of using my red bowl and new green spoon that I finally found after seeing them on KERF and HTP.

003 In the bowl we have 1/3 cup oat bran, chia seeds, banana, h2o, milk, cranberry pb, and vanilla almond granola.


Basking in the sunlight.


That was one good bite!

OK time to go over my checklist of 1,000 personal items I have to show the DMV and then figure out where I am going and make sure I drive on the safe side of town.

Have a super day!


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