Last Day of 2009!

Happy last day of 2009!  Nick and I are heading into the city in a little bit to check into our B&B before heading to dinner and then a party in the city.

For breakfast I had a bout 4 boxes of cereal I needed to use up before the new year 🙂


TJs fruit and fiber medley, shredded wheat, Uncle Sam and Kashi H2H with banana, chia seeds and a little pb.

002 Like the new bowl?  I do!  Crate and Barrel sale baby!  Same place I got the spoons with Mom.

I had planned to go to the gym after breakfast, but the roads are icy and my knee is still feeling off.  I consulted with my doctor (Katherine) and she said I should take the day off.  It is really hard for me considering the holidays and training for a 1/2, but I know I just need to keep myself in check a little bit more and I will be ok.  easier said than done when there will be tons on temptations tonight!

Instead of the gym I cleaned and did laundry.

I broke around 1 pm for some lunch.

003 Leftover chili with added corn and green beans, Vitamuffin corn top, adora disk and a small chunk of peppermint bark.  The chili was great, but the muffin didn’t really taste like corn bread, no grit to it.


I love this bark.  I sent some with Nick into the office so I don’t eat all of it!

I am planning on getting Thai or Sushi for dinner filled with veggies and tofu to fill me up before the dangerous spread that will be presented.  I might stick to champagne tonight, but we shall see.

OK I am off to pack for our stay-cation! I hear the breakfast is amazing at this place…I can’t wait!

Happy New Year Everyone!


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