Hello and Happy New Year!  Nick and I had a great time last night and had a great stay at the B&B.

018 Scarborough Fair is the only B&B in Baltimore City as far as I know and it still brought all the charm.  When we walked in the place smelled like the gingerbread cookies they had hanging from the tree and the mulled cider simmering.  Nick and I helped ourselves to some hot tea and a cookie to shake off the cold rain.

001  Our room was so cute with a fireplace and everything!

002 003

We showered and got ready for a sushi dinner down the street.  I got the Maki Jumbo roll with crab, pickled ginger, avocado, asparagus and cucumber.  It also came with a better than usual salad and soup.  I also had a hot green tea.

004 005



So fresh and pretty.  I think this place has the best sushi so far in Baltimore.

008 009

It is a very small joint that a man and his mother run.  I am talking very small, but those are the best!

Next it was off to the party at Garrett’s house!  AND there was more food.  I pretty much stuck to the dessert tray of homemade cookies, which I could not keep my hands off of.

011 Didn’t they have a nice spread?

010 Nick and I, shot #1.


Jason and I.

013 Garrett, Nick and I.

014 Nick and I take #2.


Candids…Billy popping.


Happy New Year!

This morning we had the most amazing breakfast of homemade granola, maple sausage, and egg nog brioche french toast with fresh berries.  There were lots of people around so I didn’t snap and pics.  Just know it was good!  I couldn’t finish all of the deliciousness, but I sure tried!

I had some small snack late in the afternoon.



Amazing Harry and David pear, toast with cotswold cheese and carrots with hummus.

I am still have knee pain when I walk or run.  Just sitting and lifting it doesn’t hurt so I think the weight is key to the pain.  Nick thinks it is tendonitis and I am starting to agree.  There is no swelling and I am going to keep up the aleve and ice it for the weekend.  If it isn’t better by Monday, I think I am going to have to make an appointment.  It is really depressing given all of the hard work I have put in the past year, but there is no way I can run a 1/2 marathon with this pain.  I am just hoping for a speedy recovery and I am still going to try and practice yoga every day to keep up my strength.  I may also go back to Bikram for a nice sweat.  I am also going to have to adjust my eating because I won’t be expending as many calories.  It should be a test, but a good challenge for the new year!

Hello 2010!


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