Cranberry BBQ

Wow Nick and I just had the most amazing dinner inspired by KERF’s Cranberry BBQ Crock-Pot Chicken!  Before we can get to that I had to get through my day.

It actually wasn’t that painful until 3pm (1 hour before I leave) and my boss changes everything on me or have completed by tomorrow for our giant report.  Where was this info at 8AM????

Anyway my pumpkin oats held me well and around 11AM I had my good old prunes.  They are actually starting to taste a bit too sweet for me?!?!  I checked and there is no sugar added, but maybe I need to switch to fresh fruit.

I was ready to dig into my lunch around 12:15.

I had brought quiet the assortment today.


Leftover acorn squash, carrots, last Harry and David Pear 😦 and a wrap of 1/4  an avocado, jalesburg cheese and hot sauce.  I had originally planned on putting the squash into the wrap, but the wrap is small and it wouldn’t fit.

004 005

I didn’t really feel the need for an afternoon snack given that I wasn’t heading to the gym and we would be eating dinner about an hour earlier than we usually sit down.

I stopped off at Rite Aid on my way home for an Ace knee brace, icy hot and a reusable ice pack.  I couldn’t stand wasting water in my ice bags anymore.

I checked on the dinner that I could smell in the breezeway of our apartment building and then did a small core and arm workout.  Blah.  I did this while wearing the new knee brace and icy hot.

My knee hurt so much in the bitter cold today, but the brace seems to help force me into keeping it straight and wow icy hot is amazing.

OK, onto happier things like dinner!

This morning I put 2 chicken breasts, 1.5 cups of veggie stock, 1/2 cup BBQ sauce and 1/2 a bag of cranberries into the Crock-Pot and set it on low.  I was honestly a little worried that I would burn the house down so may have over done it on the liquids, but better safe than sorry and I now have a BBQ soup a stewing!

When I got home (9 hours later) I turned the heat up to high and waited about an hour before creating the additional items.

To accompany my chicken I cooked up a 1/2 of a cup of Trader Joe’s harvest grain and simmered one small onion in a large pot with some of the excess BBQ liquid.

Once the onion had softened I added a kale bunch and just let it wilt down.

The final product!

006 I couldn’t figure out whether to eat this with a spoon or fork, but I am glad I went with the spoon.  Where is the kale and rice?

007 008

There it is!  I loved how the cooked cranberries were both sweet and tart and still had a good pop to them.  Nick even ate a few! (He had fruit in his dinner)

I was pretty full after this bowl, but I needed something sweet.  I went with a small piece of peppermint bark to kick the craving.

009 Time to go check on my BBQ soup!  I added some brown rice and okra to my “stock” that will be tomorrow’s lunch.

Have a Great Night!


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