Another Winner

Oh the debate!  Biggest Loser Season premiere or trivia night?!?!?  We are having 8 people at trivia and BL had a guy over 500lbs.  This is a hard choice, but I think I am going to have to go be social and play trivia.  I think BL is on demand (fingers crossed 🙂 ).

For lunch I had my leftover bbq broth concoction along with 2 pickles and 2 clems.


 005 006

This bbq flavored combo turned out really good!  The flavor from cooking 10 hours made it amazing.  There was brown rice, broth, okra and spinach.  Heated and enjoyed!  I thought it was going to be more like soup, but when I went to turn off the Crock-Pot last night it was more like jambalaya!

I didn’t bring a snack to work because I didn’t seem to need it yesterday, but when I got home I helped myself to 6 piece of chocolate geld coins 🙂

I did about 15min of core work 2x 20 push-up and 30 dips before hittin the showers.  Wow I really worked up a sweat, not!

At least dinner was amazing, again!


My plate looks a bit large for my meal and super messy sorry!008 Better?

To make this I cooked up a serving of quinoa and then sauteed a small onion and garlic in some veggie broth.  While the onions softened I thawed out 8oz of bay scallops.  When the onions were see through I added ~2 cups of frozen spinach and 1 chopped jalapeno from the garden, then squeezed 1/2 a lemon over the mixture.  About 5 min later I added the scallops to cook for another five min.  In the end I added a few cherry tomatoes, fresh parsley and basil (garden), more lemon and feta.

009 Yum!  So lemony and delicious!  I am a believer in anything dressed in lemon will taste amazing!

Time to head out for a night of trivia.  I hope I know some answers today!


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