Good Morning!

I cannot wait for the day when I wake up and the sun is up again…that should come some time in March?  I really am getting sick of the darkness.

I had an epic coffee failure this morning.  Not once, but twice did my coffee filter fold over and therefore I got extremely weak coffee.  The first time I was willing to re-make, but now I am sort of just drinking warm coffee flavored milk, yuck!

At least my breakfast made up for it.

001 I really wanted pancakes this morning and I had an open can of pumpkin in the fridge.  In hindsight I should have gone with straight up pancakes because I still have a craving for the light and fluffy guys, but these were still delicious.

Oatmeal pancakes with pumpkin topped with a yogurt, chia, cinnamon and maple syrup and pecans.

 002 003

I think I am a bigger fan of the oat bran pancake because they are more cake like than ones made with whole rolled oats.  I had to add a little extra maple syrup to combat the bitter pumpkin taste.  It is official I really only like pumpkin when it has sugar in it 🙂

Time to take some ib, remove my ice pack, slip on my Ace brace and head out the door!

Have a great Tuesday!


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