Snap The Chill!

You know it is bad when the weather girl says that 30 degrees is going to be balmy.  What is with the cold on the eastern seaboard?  For FL and those grapefruits :(  I feel bad for all of those running the marathon is weekend, dress warm!

Honestly, I could eat breakfast for every meal.  I woke up with about 10 different ideas in my head.  I finally settled on a cereal combo of the 3 new boxes I purchased and had only open one!  Barbara Shredded Wheat, Ezekiel flax crunch and Kashi warm cinnamon H2H.

001 On top I had a banana, chia seeds,, POM arils and a small drizzle of cranberry vanilla pb.

002 My bowl was about to over flow, but those shredded wheat rounds take up a lot of space!

Today is going to be a long day…I didn’t get to sleep until 11:30 because of trivia!  We came in 4th and have joined the actual league.  This could be dangerous.  I really hope I can find Biggest Loser some place!

Time to scoot!  Later Dudes!


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