What Makes You Smile?


How was your Wednesday?!  Mine was pretty mild considering my Monday and Tuesday.  I did get some rays of sunshine in the mid afternoon, but we will get to that!

First surprise of the day, Debbie brought me a tea and biscotti!


This was a perfect morning pick me up!

Lunch was a little on the small side today, or at least in terms of my fullness.  I don’t think there was enough protein!


Salad with spinach, carrots, maters, feta, white balsamic, feta and mustard.  Kashi crackers and 2 clems with an Adora disk for dessert.

005 006

And then came my mid afternoon sunshine!



My mom sent me flowers to cheer me up!  With my knee and being overwhelmed with work these were the perfect pick me up! These MADE ME SMILE 🙂


Like I said my lunch wasn’t doing it for me so I made a little snack bowl when I got home.

010 Baby carrots and mixed nuts.  This nut mix is amazing and for generic Target!  Mix of brazil, cashew, almond, pecan and hazel nuts.

Perfect thing to tide me over until dinner, and while I rolled away and played with sissy on my yoga mat.

015 I got the foam roller today after work to help message out my knee pain.  Wow did it hurt.  My quad felt like a huge lump with a rock pressing into it.  I hope this helps!  It also gave me a new position for push-up.

After rollin’ I started to make the easiest dinner ever!

011 Baked sweet potato rounds, edamame, okra with Mrs. Dash (I already had enough salt!) and 4 Thai veggie gyoza from TJs.  The sweet potato took 3 min in the micro then sliced and baked at 400 for 20min, edamame were boiled for 5, gyoza were microwed for 3.5min and okra for 2.  I used all major kitchen appliances for this one! Ha!



I had another Adora disk for dessert!  Got to get my calcium in 😉

OK Nick and I are off to watch the Count of Monte Cristo!  It is one of his all time favorites and he is now reading the 1200 page book!  Crazy boy!

Have a great night!!!


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