It’s A Shame

…that I have to make this so short given how delicious my breakfast was!  I have been missing the mark lately with my breakfast and today I finally got my swing back!


I ran out of bananas so I needed another way to give my oat bran a little sweetness.  I turned to some homemade blueberry jelly that my Dad gave me for Christmas!   I cooked about a tbs in with my oat bran, milk and flax.  After a good stir it got that lovely purple that blueberry oats get and I added some vanilla almond granola from the WF bulk bin (best granola I have had!) and tsp of chia seeds, tons of POM seeds and a dollop of almond butter.


Lovely spoon.


I really need to make some pudding with those little seeds!

Happy almost PURPLE Friday!

Got to jet, later gators!


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