Patellafemoral What?

Hola Fijoles!

First thing first, knee update!

Ray came over after his football game with Nick this morning and gave me a few knee tests to try and figure out what is causing my pain.  He concluded that it is patellofemoral pain syndrome or “runner’s knee”.  Long story short I have extremely weak hip adductors and it is causing my knee to turn in when I run and therefore my tendon is rubbing against my knee cap in a not so nice way.  He gave me some strengthening exercises to do at the gym(!!!) and home and told me know running for another 1.5 weeks.  He did say that I could do the elliptical or other machines as long as my pain does not increase.  He also taught me a way to tape my knee so that it is pulled away from the tendon and not longer rubbing.  Woohoo nothing serious, but another week and a half, guff!

And now back to the food.

Last night Nick and I went to see Avatar so I didn’t have time to post.  The graphics in the movie were amazing, but the plot line was pretty simple.  Overall it was a good movie and I am glad we went.

Before leaving I had a trio plate.

003005 006

Tofu baked with honey, EVOO, chili powder and baked brussels with mustard.

004 Mama Bean’s white bean salad!  I know this is a summer salad, but I had a can of beans I wanted to use and I love this oh so simple recipe.

Summer White Beans Salad:

  • 1 can white beans rinsed and drained
  • 1 garlic clove pressed
  • ~1 tbs Olive Oil
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • S&P
  • ton of fresh basil

Mix all but beans and basil and then add beans and basil to dressing.  Allow to soak at least a few hours.

For dessert I had a small piece of peppermint bark.007 This morning I finally filled my craving for pancakes!

008 I used 1/2 cup of the Arrowhead Mill whole wheat pancake mix + 2 tbs flax + 1 tsp chia seeds, 1/2 cup skim.  I added the POM arils once the cakes were on the griddler.


I topped each of my silver dollar POM pancakes with pb and dipped them is real maple syrup.  Don’t see a fork?  That is because I made this finger food!  The best 🙂

After breakfast I headed out to the grocery store, Boarder and Rite Aid (post Ray visit).

I got two books from a gift card that is am excited about one a little bit more than the other!


Michael Pollan’s new book, that I am figuring will take me the afternoon to read, and a simple vegetarian cookbook.  Don’t get me wrong I like my tofu cubes and roasted veggies, but I need to mix it up a bit!  Especially if I want Nick to eat some of it.  I also got some sports tape for taping my knee.

It was about 1:30PM when I got home from all of this and my stomach was growling!  I wanted to use the griddle to make a wrap and things grew from there.010 WW wrap with tempeh, LC wedge, sundried tomoato Sabra hummus, Franks and greens.  I also had the rest of Mama Bean’s white bean salad and an pictured orange.


The wrap was not as good as I was hoping…I think it needed some cheese!

It is playoff week one this weekend, and I hope you are still cheering for the Ravens!  I know Sissy is!


You like her collar?  It was a present from Grandma Joanne, and I think she loves it ;)  p.s. she was looking for her baby under there, hence the weird position.

Alright I am off to read my new book/ watch the Duke game!  I haven’t really been watching this year, but things are getting more serious and I need to get on that!

Check ya later!


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