Bring on the Colts!

Wow I am behind!

Well the most important think that has happened in the last 24 hours is that the RAVENS beat the Patriots in the Wildcard playoffs for the first time ever!  This is huge because 1) I can rub it in the 2 Pat’s fan in my office face (along with one Stealer) and 2) We have never beat them!  Both my mom and my Grandparents called me to say they watched the game.  Thanks for the support guys! 🙂

OK so backing up…last night’s dinner was simple, delicious and easy!  It took me about 10min to create.


Sweet potato, tofu, onions and peas in curry sauce.

First I mircowed the sweet p for 5 min until tender.  While this was cooking I sautéed 1/2 and onion in a large pan.  Once the onions started to brown I added about a cup of frozen peas and then the pre-cubed tofu.  As this cooked I chopped the sweet potato and then added it to the mix.  All topped with some red curry sauce from TJs and simmered for 2min before serving.

Ta Da!


For dessert I had 2 chocolates before heading downtown for a friends b-day.003 Nick and I stopped by the pub dog and I had two boxers (black dog and blueberry dog mixed).  They brew all their own beer hence the dog names in the beer.

004 I wish we could have stayed here all night but alas we were off to out next stop and then home to bed!

This morning I had a delicious french toaster.

005 2 pieces multigran bread soaked in; 1 egg, flax, skim, cinnamon, nutmeg and almond extract.  I topped it with a little almond butter, POM arils, banana and a little maple syrup.

006 007

Yummy in my tummy!

After breakfast Nick and I watched Revolutionary Road before cleaning up for company.  I made some chips and guac for the boys and nibbled on some throughout the game.  I was told that is was the best guac they had ever had!  I love when people tell me that!  I honestly can’t give a recipe because it is all by taste with every ingredient besides the avocado.

Snacking didn’t leave me hungry for a very big lunch so I had a lovely bowl of yogurt, vanilla almond crunch granola and POM aril.


I added more granola about 1/2 way through.  That stuff tastes amazing!

The Ravens game was a nail biter at certain points but we were leading from the beginning.  I am just hoping that Flacco can through next week against Payton Manning.

After the game I did my hip adductor stretches some core work and push ups.  I have only been doing these exercises for 2 days, but I can already feel it in my inner quad.  Tomorrow I am taking it to the gym so I can use some weights and test out some cardio.  I am also going to stop by Charm City Runs to get some Spensco foot supports and I am ordering 2 knee sleeves offline, which are supposed to work better than the tape.

Nick and I both agreed that due to our snackie afternoon we wanted something light for dinner.  I baked up a butternut squash and made a large salad.

009 The salad was just mixed greens, celery, maters, carrots, sun dried tomatoes and feta.


I ate the skin on the butternut, so much easier than peeling it!

Sissy and I are going to go read more Pollan and the head to bed (She is currently sitting behind my head)


I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!  Night all!  GO RAVENS!


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