Well it is trivia night around these parts and that means a quick post before I head out the D-O-O-R.  Again I am torn between Biggest Loser and trivia, but Nick really wants me to go and we are taking two cars so if we run late I can get home and go to bed.  I get so cranky when trivia runs over, you don’t want me to be around anyway.  When the clock strikes 10PM I know it!

And were back to the food.

Lunch was meh.  I had a can of Progresso hanging around that needed to be eaten because it didn’t going with my other snobby low sodium organic Amy’s soups, and I really wanted soup for lunch.

004 Is this soup just broth?  Yeah that is what I thought. 005  I guess that is how they can make it 60 calories per serving and load it with sodium.  I am not bitter I swear.  I have just become highly aware of over salted foods these days.  It was pleasant enough and I finished it with aka’s and some carrots + celery sticks.  I also had an adora disk for dessert + one artificially flavored truffle that was in my desk.  I threw the rest of the bag away this afternoon.  There was just no need for them to be tempting me with words I can’t pronounce.  Wow I am seriously bitter tonight!

My afternoon was pretty uneventful except for me trying to figure out how to walk with no knee pain and I broke from this activity to have a snickie snack.

006 007

Seltzer, apple, almonds and a date stamp that puts me in the Finance department.  Do I have a finance degree?  Nope not even close, Masters in Environmental Earth and Ocean Science Thank You.  Not bitter.

At least dinner was cooking away when I got home.  While it finished off I did some yoga on demand and my PT stretches + some foam rolling.  I also tapped my knee up like Ray told me and I am currently walking with no pain and I only took 2 ib profane around 2pm.  We will see what it feels like when I crawl into bed.

This morning I put a small organic steak wrapped around and onion into the slow cooker with the rest of the onion, carrots, celery, sweet potato, oregano, bay leaves and S&P.  I soaked it in 2 cranberry limbic Sam Adams brews to make a beer based beef stew.  It smelled good.

008 I gave Nick most of the meat, but what I got was definitely the best part.  It was moist and “fall of the bone”  if there was one. 


I loaded my stew on top of some green beans and had a side of 1/2 an Ezekiel muffin with Cotswold cheese.  Mmmm cheese.

010 I could say I was bitter not to get more of the meat to stick with the theme, but I wasn’t.  I got just the taste I wanted with all of the flavor cooked into the rest of the stew.

I am currently having a cup of green tea and another Adora disk, got to get my calcium in 😉

Sorry for being so bitter today, I think my knee is really getting to me.  Hurry up and ship my sleeves!  One week until we re-visit my injury.  I have many thing to be happy about in life and two of them are sitting next to me on the couch.  Ending this post with a 🙂

Have a great night all!


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