Food Rule for Thought

Good Morning!

Food Rule for thought while you munch your breakie and read blogs…well at least that is what I do.

003 Rule 11: Avoid Food you see advertised on television.  Think about it, what food do you see the most on TV?  When I thought about it McDonalds came to my mind.  When was McDonald ever recommended as a place to get your food if you want to live a healthy lifestyle.  Just think about it!  There are some grey areas with things like wheat thins, but have you ever read the ingredients list?  There is a rule about ingredients in the book too, maybe it will come tomorrow!

Now onto breakfast!

I have been wanting to make chia pudding for awhile and today was the day!


Can’t see it?  Well it is buried under a shredded wheat round, Kashi H2H warm cinnamon, Ezekiel flax crunch, a banana, pb and blueberry jam.   Speaking of JAM head over and see Brandi for a chance to win some awesome spreads!002 There it is!  I mixed 2 tbs of chia seeds with about ~1/2 cup milk and a scoop of amazing grass Amazing Meal!  I missed this stuff!

My bowl was so full it was hard to mix it all up, but it sure was delicious!

I am going to try making chocolate chia pudding next!

Time to scoot!  See you all tonight!


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