New Outside My Window

Hello and we are in the downward slope of the week!  And a downward slope it has been.  Again with me knee, sorry if you are getting sick of it!  It seems to kill me at work.  I am going to try wearing different shoes tomorrow to see if it makes a difference.  I don’t really walk much there, basically sit at my desk aka the least healthy thing you can do.  I am a scientist by nature and therefore ran a bunch of tests in my cube including shoes on vs. off and different taping measures.

In between experiments I made time for lunch.

006 Leftover beef broth from last night mixed with wheat berries (!!!) green beans and okra.  I also had a 1/2 of an Ezekiel muffin and an Adora disk. 007 I spy a wheat berry!  I think I liked this soup better than the beef stewish.  I loved the chewy wheat berry texture.  I need to make more of them more often!

The rest of my day was pretty uneventful except my stomach wanting my afternoon snack at 1pm!  I think it was mainly boredom and I was looking for a an cheer myself up gift on Foodzie.  It is a website kind of like Esty for food.  I got myself distracted until 3pm before diving into the snack of the week.


Desk shot!  Isn’t my particle board amazing!  Apple+almonds+seltzer almost equals an apple with almond butter.

I went to find out how much I am going to have to shell out to get MD registration tags and title.  $300 smackeroos from a tag and title place.  I went to MVA once and  I never want to go back again.  Plus I have a weird situation with my car and I didn’t want to wait 2 hours to find out I didn’t have the proper paperwork.  I have been trying to get one extra thing done every day because I am not going to the gym.  Yesterday was get the salt washed off my car and today it was the tag and title.  Tomorrow is get a MD state inspection (and shell out more $$$)  I guess this is what my car fund is for in my ING account.

I had a nice surprise when I walked in the door.  Well besides Sissy!

010 We had a cardinal at our feeder!  I was worried that no birds were coming and then there he was today.  It instantly put me in a good mood!  Hello Mr. C!  I hope to see you around all winter and spring.

After texting mom this event I did 45min of Dave Farmers podcast that everyone has been jazzed about.  I actually knew most of the positions so I was impressed.  I also did 1/2 of my PT stretches and I am planning to do the rest after dinner digests.

Speaking of dinner…I had Panini and salad on the menu, but I felt like I need something a little more.  Acorn squash!

011 013 Baked acorn squash with a mini salad of greens and maters with WF balsamic.

And then there was the panini.  I need to work on making these!

012 014

At least it was cheesy!  along with 2 slices of cheese I had thia pesto, hummus, sun dried tomatoes and mushrooms.  I meant to get in some roasted red peppers but I forgot them :(  Plenty of time!  I really want to remake that brie, pear, spinach and honey sandwich I had at Spoon with my dad.

I plan on watching two weeks ago’s Biggest Loser to find out who these peeps are, eating some chocolate, icing the knee, finishing PT sipping some tea and getting to bed early.  Sounds like a plan!


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