Stove Top in A Jar

Hello All!  I will be dragging today because, yes I went to trivia last night and brought my bitterness with me to breakfast.  Actually we did really well and won $20 in house cash!  I told Nick I am no longer coming.  I just can’t be getting to bed that late!  It was also freezing thanks to all the smokers needing their fix in 20 degree weather.  I tell you smokers are some of the craziest people I know!

At least I had a good breakfast planned!

Stove top oats in a jar!

001 Yes, I usually make my oats in the micro because I can multitask while they are cooking.  Today I actually had a little extra time.

In my pot when 1/3 cup oats, 2/3 cup skim, pinch salt.  Once almost done I added a little less than a 1/3 of a cup of plain yogurt, 1 mashed naner, 1 tbs flax and 1 tbs chia seeds.


Melty swirls!  I topped it with a little bit of pumpkin butter and some crack vanilla almond crunch granola.

004 And now we have come to our food rule of the day!

005 This one pretty much explains itself.  Just think about it.  Improve the way you eat.  Vote with your fork!

Knee Update:  I tapped my knee last night for yoga and then trivia, and it seemed to work out really well!  I woke up with minimal pain this morning.  I am currently icing and then I am going to taper her up.  I am sporting a really hot tape gunk line all over my knee, but if I can walk without pain I am going to keep doing it!  I am also going to the gym tonight and I plan to re-tape and see how that goes.  Where are my knee sleeves?!?!

Alrighty I am going to finish my oats and my knee.  Happy Wednesday All!


One Comment on “Stove Top in A Jar”

  1. brandi says:

    i love that quote!

    oats in a jar is the best way to start the day 🙂

    thanks for entering my contest!

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