Date Night!

Nick and I just got back from a great date night!  To get you to the good part, and to get me to bed on time I am going to breeze through most of my day to get to dinner.  Don’t worry you didn’t miss much!

004 005 Tempeh, AB &J.


1/3 of a grapefruit in slices.


Leftover acorn squash flowers.

Then I had the rest of my grapefruit and way too many handfuls of these when I got home for my afternoon snack.

008 Nick and I had planned to go to Elevation Burger for dinner, but when we got there it had closed!  We checked the website today and it said nothing about being closed down!

Thankfully the area in Harbor East has a ton of restaurants in it so we settled on a Lebanease restaurant called the Lebanese Taverna.

We started off with WW pita like bread and an olive oil dipping sauce – I ate way too much of this pita over the night.

010 I also had a glass of Lebanese Cab that was pretty good!  They were out of the Syrah blend that I wanted.

I had no idea what to order so Nick and I both thought that Mezza plates were the way to go.  He got the traditional and I got the vegetarian.



Such a pretty presentation!

This was great.  Just enough food after all of those graham crackers.  You can see how I ate so much pita, so many dips.

We couldn’t try and new restaurant without having dessert.  We went with one of the “lighter” options.


Ice Cream Trio, but I really had my eye on the molten chocolate coffee cake.  It would have been too rich and made me feel sickly.


Close to far : vanilla-cardamom (my favorite), pistachio-orange (where was the orange?), honey (Nick’s favorite).

Overall we both agreed that the mezza were a great choice because we found things we both liked and some things we liked but wouldn’t order again.

And with that I am off to bed with lots of yummy food in my belly and a lovely night with my love!

Good Night All!


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