Fending Off The Bug!

Hello from the couch!  My cold is coming on on strong and I am fending it off as best I can.  Problem is I am not really hungry, but I know I need to eat.  So I am!  My waffle held me over amazingly…It was 11:30AM and I didn’t even realize it was almost lunch and I still wasn’t hungry.  Yummy waffles pizzas are on the menu more often.

I was able to eat my lunch in peace.

004 Wrap, veggies and an Adora disk.

005  006

In my wrap there was more than roasted red pepper, but it sure took center stage.  It also had hummus, tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.

Around 3:30PM I was feeling awful and thought maybe a snack would give me some energy and strength for the drive home.


Serving of Kashi H2H warm cinnamon.

I had planned on going to the gym to do a light bike then some PT exercises that I can only do at the gym, but I just went straight home got into my PJs and hit the couch with Sissy.  I didn’t wake up until Nick got home and then about an hour later and an Emergen-C + 100 glasses of water later, I made some “dinner”.

I really didn’t have anything planned so I went with what would take me 5min and be healthy and filling.

008 Eggies, 1/2 of my remaining waffle from this morning, microwed apple with cinnamon.

009 010

2 eggs mixed with dill, S&P, milk, peas and cotswold cheese.  Waffle with PB and blueberry and pumpkin jelly.

For dessert I tested one of my black raspberry bottom muffins that I am bringing this weekend.  The taste was good, but they were extra moist in the middle but dry around the wrapper.  This could be because I did not use butter.  We will see how they taste in the morning.  I also made a special treat form Mr. Bean (Jen’s dog).


I know it doesn’t look that tasty, but it was!  I am going to finish watching Bones and then head to bed.  I hope I feel better in the morning, I have a lot to do!!!


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