Home Again, Home Again

Hello, Hello!

I am back from the River, but unfortunately I did not take any pictures while I was there.  Foods included, nachos, BYO taco bar, birthday cupcakes, strata, doughnut, coffee an a banana.

I think Jen liked the purple pound cakes that I made and her dog Beans seems to be enjoying his peanut butter treats!

When I got home it was about 2pm and I wanted something warm to combat the cold rain outside.  We had eaten around 10AM so I wasn’t extremely hungry.

I opted for oatmeal in packet form.  Nature’s Path Hemp plus oats.  I also added blackberries and dark chocolate pb from Peanut Butter & Co.

003 This PB is sooo delicious.  I am ashamed I hadn’t tried it earlier.  How cannot you not love the combination of dark chocolate and peanut butter???


Hello gorgeous brown blob.

After my snack I crawled into bed to take a nap and watch a movie.  I went to bed at 2AM last night (!!!) and I needed a little more sleep in my tank.

I woke up around 4:30PM after actually sleeping for about 1.5 hours and felt much better.

I did my PT strength moves and some yoga flows and sunsalutations with Sissy before gathering things to start making dinner.

All I wanted for dinner was veggies.  I had been slacking throughout the rest of the day and I needed to balance.005 Big o’l plate of veggies.  Kale chips topped with baked yams, parsnips, mushrooms and uncooked avocado.  I dressed this with mustard, red wine vinegar and EVOO.

006 007

This was exactly what I needed.

There is also something else I need, chocolate!

008 Ginger peach tea (my third cup today for cold fighting purposes), clem and the last of my nutella for dipping.  I don’t think I will be buying this stuff again it is way too addictive.

Alright I am getting back to the Golden Globes!  Does anyone else think that Julia Roberts took too many drugs or drank too much before her red carpet interview???

Night! Yay for 4 day weeks!


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