Polenta Pizza

This afternoon I finished getting the house is spick and span.  I re-covered our burners to prevent any baked on grossness and hardcore cleaned the bathrooms.

Then Nick and I went to Borders to browse through the collections.  I went for the sociology and cook books while Nick went for the sports.  I also checked out a book on the Islands of Greece.  I would love to be able to go to Santorini one day.  It just looks like such a beautiful peaceful place.

After window shopping we came home to make dinner!

I found a recipe in the Real Simple cook book for polenta deep dish pizza and thought it sounded like an interesting idea.  I followed the crust directions, but came up with my own toppings.

007 1/2 with an Italian sausage for Nick and the other 1/2 with white beans for me.  We both had a small amount of tomato sauce, kalamata olives and grated parm cheese. 008

I liked this crust, but I think I will cook it alone for 10min to make it crisp up a bit.


I also had a spinach salad with tomatoes and avocado.

For my sweet end I had a vitamuffin chocolate top.011

Nick just turned on an episode of The Wire and I think  I am going to go join him.

Back to work tomorrow, blah.  4 day work weeks are better than 5 though!

Night All!


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