Cold Cereal Day

Good Moring!  It is not a good morning in Haiti.  The morning news just informed me that another earthquake just hit at a 6.0.  This is 10x less intense than the one that hit a week ago and it is not uncommon for one earthquake to trigger another.  Lets hope the area hit was less populated than the capital.

Also in the news; Mass. elected a REPUBLICAN to the senate!  This is huge in the healthcare debate and I am just glad that things can no longer be pushed through with only Democratic support.

Enough serious stuff, where is the food?!


I am running a little late so I went with cold cereal.  2 shredded wheat rounds, sprinkle of Kashi 7 grain nuggets, handful of Kashi H2H Warm Cinnamon, sprinkle berry good granola, 1 small banana sliced, a few black berries and a mix of plain Kefir and skim.  Wow that is a lot on one bowl!

002 Even though it was cold, it tasted delicious!

003 004

Time for Food Rule of the Day from Michael Pollan!

Rule #3: Avoid Food Products that Contain High-Fructose Corn Syrup.  Now we have all seen the ads brought to us by the corn farmers of America saying that HFCS is the same a sugar…If you sugar requires chemical processing to be produced then yes, it is.  It is also a marker for products that have been highly processed.  It is also being added to items not traditionally sweetened (bread, condiments and snack foods).  No matter if it is pure cane sugar or HFSC, sugar is sugar!  Personally I like my sugar in chocolate, cake or ice cream form, not hidden in my sandwich bread!

Last night on BL I did not like how that whole staged Green team took up the first hour, but I did like the Red team from the country even if she did throw the weigh in.  They make me laugh.

Time to get a move on!  I have my annual review today.  Not sure what they will through at me.

Have a Great Wednesday!


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