Month Off Plan

Hello!  How was your Thursday?  Mine was well, sedated.  I have come up with a list of things I am going to try and get done within the month of sitting on my butt.  Here is what I have come up with so far:

  • Taxes – Federal and MD
  • Organize my bills – I currently have a large amount of bill and pay stubs sitting in a pile that I would like to file
  • Add $$$ to my IRA
  • Figure out how to add more $$$ to my ING account without cutting it too close
  • Figure out my monthly expenses – phone, car insurance, cable, electric – I have a Google doc for this, but I need Nick to participate in it!
  • Clean and organize bookshelf that has just become a place to put things
  • Figure out a plan for Nick’s birthday!
  • Volunteer at BARCS

I am hoping to tackle most of this list by Feb 20th.

On the food front today…


011 Amy’s reduced sodium minestrone with avocado added, carrots and maters, crackers.  Plus one dose of daily calcium!

012 I really enjoyed the avocado in this soup!

The reason they have been in almost every meal is that they were on sale for $1 each last week, and for those who don’t know, that is an amazing deal on avocados!

My afternoon snack was another two clems + seltzer.

013 About an hour later when I was driving home, I could feel hunger sneaking up on me again.  I knew I needed to avoid the cereal box attack of yesterday so I planned out a small snack for when I got home.  I served myself a cup of non-fat plain Stonyfield yogurt.  The protein filled me up to a perfect level!

I cleaned up the disaster of a kitchen, fed Sissy and sat down to watch Gilmore Girls.  I feel like Gilmore Girls is going to be a regular 5pm activity.  I am going to try to come up with an upper body and core workout that I can do, but it seems so pointless to me.

Then it was on to the highlight of the day, dinner.  According to Nick this was one of his favorite dinners I have EVER made.  Thank you Trader Joe’s thai curry sauce!

014 In the large pile there is TJs harvest grain mix, sautéed onions, peas and tofu for me shrimp for Nick.  We only had 7 shrimp so I let Nick have them.  I am nice like that and I had tofu that I needed to eat.  I topped the pile with avocado and surrounded it in 1/2 a baked yam.016


017 Every element in one bite!  Nick felt that this meal deserved lots of pictures.

For my evening chocolate fix I had a soft baked double chocolate cookie dunked in milk.


Sissy and I are now off to watch Bones while Nick goes to the gym…lucky dog.

Woohoo tomorrow is Friday, but they are calling for rain and ice.  Yuckie!  Might be late to work.

Good Night All!

Oh almost forgot!  Food Rule of the Day by Michael Pollan!  Rule #5: Avoid food that have some form of sugar (or sweetener) listed among the top three ingredients.  This does not include special occasion treats addressed in rule #60.  I am guilty of this especially in the nut butter world.  I think I am going to stop buying special flavored nut butters because they seriously are a dessert and contain large amounts of sugar.  Other than nut butter I do not eat very much sugar except maybe jelly, but that is not avoidable.  Did you know some jelly’s first ingredient is sugar, not fruit!  Crazy.  Read labels.

OK now I am seriously out of here!


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