Finally, Weekend

Good Morning an Welcome to the weekend!  Nick and I were downtown for a birthday happy hour so I didn’t get a chance to post the rest of yesterday.  Here ya go!

001 raw carrots and maters, wrap of feta spinach and hummus, pear.

002 003

My pear was so juicy it dripped all over me!

004 I think I overdid it on the feta because my wrap was super salty, but still tasty!

I didn’t need my afternoon snack given we were eating and early dinner and I had some prunes in the morning (my overnight oats did not hold me as well as they usually do :()

I got a library card yesterday and was going to pick up some cook books but they library is under construction so most books need to be placed on reserve for you to come pick up later on.

When I got home I started on the butternut squash for dinner – it actually took center stage on my plate.005 I was going to add chickpeas or beans to my plate, but I ended up have a lot more crackers and cheese than you see there so I skipped them.

006 007

I really like how baked tomatoes pop all hot in your mouth.  I ate a ton of b-nut and was super full!

I had a Guinness for dessert at the bar and had a good time chatting with everyone before heading home.

When I woke up this morning I had a serious craving for eggs.  I really don’t know the last time I had a fried egg!  I used to eat them every day!

008 Smile with a Zack Morris hair flip which equals 2 fried eggs, 1 Zeek muffin with raspberry preserve and almond butter and 1 small naner that managed to end up on the ab 1/2 of muffin.

009 010

My eggs just had a little S&P and over medium yokes, perfect!

I am watching Food Network and drinking my Saturday coffee.  So nice to just relax.  This won’t be for long, I have my BARCS training at 11:30!  I really hope I can find something to for them that actually makes a difference.

I hope you are enjoying your Saturday morning!

Check ya later!


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