The End of the Weekend

Hello!  Sorry I have been really lazy this weekend.  I’m not sure if it is the gloomy weather out today or the fact that I think not being able to “move” is seriously effecting my drive to do anything.

Backing up to yesterday afternoon…

BARCS training went well.  I was really sad to see all of the animals that need homes and we also saw some questionable people trying to adopt.  I stayed for an extra class and I have a tetanus shot scheduled for Wednesday and cat socialization class on Saturday morning.  I made the decision to not work with the dogs because most of them are pit mixes and I just do not feel comfortable with them and they would know it.

After training I actually wasn’t very hunger for it being 2:00pm so I headed to Trader Joe’s for some goodies.  I was out of coffee and that along with nut butter is my cue to head on over.  I stopped into Starbuck for a soy misto to sip while shopping and by the time I left I was starving!  I guess it was all that food in my vision.  I dominated this Z-bar in the car.


Why was this my first Z-Bar?  not too much sugar and whole grains, protein and fiber.  I really enjoyed this little guy. 

By the time I got home it was about 3:30pm so I didn’t want to eat anything too big and spoil my dinner so I went with plain yogurt, TJs fiber cereal (which is the same thing as the fruit and nut, but without the f&n), and some blackberries.

002 Now as for dinner, I really wish I would have remembered my camera because the food was real good at a local martini bar – I was really more like a normal bar.  I had the hearts of palm salad and a Scallop BLT that comes with pepper bacon and a grilled tomato, no bun!  Nick and I also split the Irish car bomb bread pudding (how unique we had to try!).  Unfortunately the flavor was there, but the texture was off.  More like a gelatin that a bread pudding.  I also enjoyed a dirty martini throughout the meal.

This morning when I woke up I really wanted something different for breakfast.  I opted for a “scone cookie” – they were a scone recipe, but I missed the thickness shape.

003 Blueberry scone with almond butter, plain Stonyfield yogurt with granola, banana and TJs fiber cereal.


My scones included: WW flour, applesauce, unsweetened dried blueberries, sugar, hemp protein (testing this stuff out), oat bran, and skim.


These were good and I think I could reduce the sugar even more next time.

After breakfast I did a few errands around town once I finally got my butt moving, and came home to make a rainy day lunch.006 Amy’s Tomato soup and super grilled cheese.


In between two pieces of quinoa bread I had mustard, spinach, b-nut squash and goats milk cheddar.  I really liked this cheese because it has that sour-ish goat cheese flavor.

Even Sissy wanted to be under the covers all day.

008 She loves this blanked and burrowing into it.

I wanted something light and easy for dinner so I went to town on Mexican salad.


Giant pile of romain heart covered in tomatoes, bean mixture, avocado and cilantro.  I also had some blue corn chips and salsa on the side.010 011

I my bean mix I heated mushrooms and onions until cooked then added no salt added black beans, garlic, tomato paste, chili powder and  jalapeno.



Time to get back to some football!

I hope you had a great weekend!


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