You Have to Eat The Bad to Get to The (oh so) Good

Biggest Loser is on!  I just got back from gettin’ my hair did.

012 Please focus on the color and not the bags under my eyes or the breakout central on my face.  It looks so much more natural and the girl that did it was totally cool!  Thanks Alyson!

So back to my day.

As boring as my lunch was, my dinner was amazing!

Got to get through the bad to get to the good.

005 Black beans, LC wedge mash with avocado.  Small sweet grapefruit (this was actually good).  The sandwich, not so much!

006 It was one of those better in concept than execution.  Obviously I ate it anyway, I don’t waste food!  It didn’t taste bad, but was screaming for some Franks.

007 Best part of lunch – smaller sweeter g-fruit from TJs.

I had another Z-bar for my afternoon snackage.008 These seriously taste like a cookie, are they a cookie in healthy form?  At least they are portioned!  I think I like the honey graham flavor better.

And now we get to dinner!

When I came home this was waiting for me.

011 I made this delicious Provencal Beef Stew from Cooking Light.  I made a few changes by adding baby potatoes instead of zucchini to make it more of a winter stew and I used veggie broth instead of beef.

When I got home I made a loaf of Kelsey and Ashley’s beer bread.  That actually came from Farmgirl Fare (who knew!?!) .

When the bread was ready I served myself a 1/2 portion of soup and a slice of bread before heading to my hair cut.010 009

This was so good!  If you have a slow cooker and like beef stew this is a must make!  Katherine – get on it!

My bread turned out a little flat, but it was so flakey I had to pack it down.  It still had that great beer herb taste, but I want mine to look like Farmgirl Fare’s next time.

When I got home I had another 1/4 serving and another 1/2 piece of bread…I think I had about 2.5 servings of bread throughout the night :)  It is so good!

Now I am enjoying Biggest Loser while Sissy still tries to get the bug out of our lamp.


Due to my bread love I am sticking to a little high school for my night cap.

014 I hope everyone is having a super night!

I heart biggest losers!


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