100% Maryland

Who watches Bones?  I love anything related to science on tv.  I was one of those kids who saw Twister and instantly wanted to be a meteorologist.  I still think weather is pretty cool, but I am not a fan of physics.  Why am I talking about this?  Bones in on in 15min and I want to watch!

So to recap the day…

My Quinoa held me over pretty well this morning, but I think I need some whole grains or something in there.  Maybe you can do a mix of toasted oats and quinoa?  Needless to say, I may be having it for breakfast tomorrow.

Lunch was leftovers from last night.

004 005

I cooked up some tofu last night with our chicken so I could have lemon tofu for lunch, yum!  Fennel, avocado, maters, tofu.

I also had some Kashi crackers for some grains.

I didn’t get hungry until I was in the parking lot of my work and then I dove into my clems and seltzer.


Before heading home I stopped by the tag and title place to get my MD plates, registration and title.  It seriously took me 10min and I was out the door.  It really was worth the extra cost to skip having to take a day off work and waiting at the MVA for over 3 hours.  Seriously though MD is notorious for having really bad service at the MVAs.

I replaced my plates when I got home.

007 Good bye CT 817-LAM :(  As you can see this plate has been through a lot with me (and my mom!).  I was on our old toyota camery, which we loved and both almost cried when we traded him (Yoda) in for Ayche (my CRV).  I am officially 100% Maryland property.

After freezing my hand off trying to screw on rusty screw I started cutting veggies for dinner.

I roasted up everything we had and made some WF mac and cheese.  It was an easy dinner night, plus Nick loves Mac and Cheese.

008 I had 3/4 of a serving because 1 serving = 380cal?!?!  It was enough to get the good white cheddar flavor, but not too much to be stuffed.  Along side we had roasted brussels, yams (I tried to make chips but some burned and others did not get crispy), carrots, parsnips and mushrooms.  Does anyone know if a good roasted veggie dip?  I am thinking balsamic and mustard of some sort.

009 012

010 011

I am thinking of trying this protein cookie dough with an Adora disk for dessert.  Until then it’s Bones time!

Three Cheers for tomorrow being Friday!  It should be a busy day at work and I hope it goes by quickly!

Night Night!

One Comment on “100% Maryland”

  1. Katherine says:

    I LOVE BONES!!! you can watch episodes on IMDB too.. they ususally have 5 or 6 up =)

    Can’t wait to try your beef stew and beer bread. It is FREEZING up in Beantown todya… windchill will keep the temperature feeling in the negatives all day.

    Miss you!

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