Not a Fan

Hello!  The snow finally stopped around 8pm and we got about 6-8in total.  A lot more than they were calling for on Friday (0-2).  Given the weather Nick and I decided to stay in again last night.  It just wasn’t worth it with the roads and other drivers.  I tried my hand at making sardines.  They are so inexpensive, sustainable and common that I thought they needed a chance.

001 I mixed the sardines with mustard, spices, carrots, tomatoes, kalamata olives, balsamic and celery and was going to use it as a salad, but it still tasted so fishy.  I opted for a pizza with pasta sauce and melty cheese.


It was still gross and I had to through the whole thing out.  Sardine are not for me!  Maybe when someone makes them that knows what they are doing I will try again.  I still ate my acorn squash and make another little tortilla pizza with spinach and cheese.  This became a wrap.004 005 Kind of a boring dinner, but it did its job.  Nick and I spent the rest of the night play Scene It on the xbox and scategories.  Nick won Scene It I won scategoies (Like always!)

This morning I was having breakfast blues and did not know what to make!  I went with a good old waffle.006 Arrowhead Mill mix with one egg, milk, flax and chia seeds.  Topped with almond butter, unsweetened coconut and banana.

007 After breakfast I had about 2 handfuls of granola…yep, and meal planned for the week.  I then headed to Giant, list in hand.

When I got home I cleaned the apartment from top to bottom and then sat down for a nice little lunch with something new!008 Do you know what it is?  It was not my salad made of spinach, carrots, maters, leftover acorn squash and a sunshine veggie burger (and wow holy those things are tasty but 13g of fat??! come on!)

009 My something new was a new flavor of Chobani!

010 Strawberry banana.


It tasted just like a strawberry banana smoothie.  They definitely know how to make a good flavored Greek yogurt, now if they would only use organic dairy, I would be in heaven!

Not sure what the rest of the afternoon will hold, maybe a birthday party?  I may let Nick go to that by himself though.

Either way I am off to enjoy what is left of the weekend!

Later Gators!


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