Not So Meatless Monday

Another Mondays bites the dust!

My day went by pretty smooth except having a bit of a problem with a few projects I was review that were claiming to be green.  They are really just protected rich people’s backyards.

Lunch was the last of my beef stew and some kashi crackers.

008 New water goblet!  I made these in Boston when my friends and I went to the professional bull rider tour.  I was a super fun night and we were able to hangout with the cowboys after!009 n81900098_30364765_940 I hadn’t been drinking I swear!  Anyway, honestly it was nice to change up my work glass.  Sad I know.


I a keeping this on the short list of things to make!

My afternoon ticked by and I broke into my orange around 3:0pm.

011 Scoring supplies in the background.

After work I went and picked up and new super expensive bag of cat food for Sissy and saw to ordering 10lbs bags.  I also did some core work and a ton of push up and dips.  My heart rate actually went up!  It was amazing!  It felt so good and it was only for a few minutes!  After a shower I set to work on bills, budgeting and taxes.  Oh so fun!  You can see the evidence of my labors in my dinner pictures.

012 Spaghetti squash with basil tomato sauce, meatless balls and parsley.


I also had a salad of spinach, celery, carrots, avocado and more parsley.

014 I just realized I broke meatless Monday with my beef stew :(  Does it count if it is leftovers?  I would have had to freeze it otherwise!  I will try and do a better job next week!

Nick and I are settling down to watch Schindler’s List. No we do not like depressing movies, he has just never seen it!

Night All!


One Comment on “Not So Meatless Monday”

  1. Katherine says:

    PBR!!!!! Not a drop of alcohol passed our lips that night haha. So much fun and such good memories!!!

    I was meatless yesterday (for once) unless shrimp counts as meat….which I’m hoping it doesnt.

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