Seriously More Snow Coming??

Did I move to Maryland or Maine?  They are forecasting another 20in snow storm this weekend!  They are saying it is going to be similar to the storm on the 19th of December.  Nick and I are going to need some fun snowed in activities!  I am thinking about renting Sonic for XBOX.  I know lame, but I want to play.  The worst part about the snow is that doesn’t look like my mom is going to be able to visit me this weekend 😦

I got into work with no sweat today!  The trees were so pretty, but I kept my hands on the wheel today.

I had a lovely vegetarian lunch today!


Sandwich on quinoa bread with an LC wedge, avocado, spinach and hummus.  I also had 2 carrots and a quinoa crunch bar.009 010

Looks like cream cheese!

I ended up having my afternoon snack at home and added a blob of DCPB to my apple.


Oh I love you natural light!

Dinner was another new recipe from Ellie Krieger’s So Easy.

Marinated Chicken (and grape skewers) with Garden Lentil Pilaf

I cut out the grapes and skewers

I couldn’t find the Garden Lentil Pilaf, and It is published so no posting!  Let’s just say it was good!


I had a mix of tofu and chicken with my lentil salad both marinated in the above mix.  I love citrus flavors and this was packed with lemon!  P.S. so are the lentils.


I grilled the chicken and tofu on the Griddler while the pilaf cooked on the stove top.  I love making new things!

This was delicious and DIFFERENT! I have Ellie’s book!

After a shower and some cleaning up I still wanted something sweet to round out my night. Enter the graham cookie-wich.015 This would be a double chocolate organic cookie from Country Choice heated between a sheet of graham crackers.  This was so warm and soft!  Perfect!

Alright Sissy and I are off to watch Bone and check out some breakfast ideas from Ellie!

Night All!


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