Good Morning from yet another blizzard.  I am getting seriously sick of these things!  Outside my window…

004 005

It started yesterday around 2pm and only took a brief break around 12AM last night.  I had the fastest dentist appointment ever, thanks to everyone wanting to get out of dodge.  My visit went well except I have to get one of my wisdom teeth taken out and I have a small cavity that needs to be filled.  That is nothing for me!  He is also going to try and get more of the orthodontic cement off my teeth from 8th grade and fix a small chip.  I am going to as for a quote before all of this because those are just cosmetic fixes.

So work was kind of a wash again yesterday thanks to the new storm that as heading our way.

After having a lovely discussion about chocolate with Katherine I had a lunch where chocolate was not included.

001 Orange that was not very good, carrots and maters, sandwich with honeycup mustard, pesto, spinach and shaved carrots.

002 I also munched on a quinoa crunch bar on the way to the dentist.

003 When I got home it was just starting to come down really hard and two of our friends were heading over for a snowed in day.  I am bad and didn’t take any pictures, but it went a little something like this:

  • chicken
  • couscous
  • green beans
  • trivia at HighTops (yes we went out in the snow with 9 other teams)
  • board games
  • wine

We played a really fun easy game called ImagineIF.  I always like a new game!

This morning I am watching Saved By The Bell and having a cup of joe.  Work was canceled 🙂

006 People are stirring so I think that means it is time to make breakfast!

Check ya later!


One Comment on “Seriously?”

  1. […] know people up north have been having tons of snow this winter but we has out share last year, and now we are getting hit with another storm.  They said we could get up to 8in and I think […]

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