Olympics Day 1

Greetings from Guitar Hero land!  We have been switching between the game and Olympics all day long.  We also took a break to watch Duke stomp all over Maryland in Basketball.  Nick and I are both Duke fan thanks to our parents both attending.

I played with some pretty nice kitties this morning.  There was one that was just a lap lover named Sydnee.  She was a year old and seized from her previous owner. :(  Stupid humans.  Most of the animals are strays or owner surrendered, but there are a few that we get from animal control.  The animals of BARCS are just looking for love.

Anyway I stopped by Target on my way home to get Nick’s V-day present and when I finally got home I was starving.

I made the quickest thing possible, wrap and apple.

012 In me wrap; my last 3 meatless meatballs, LC wedge, Frank’s, lettuce

014 Apple with raw almond butter.

013 I really don’t like the raw.  I also had about 3 graham cracker sheets and a vanilla raspberry ice cream bar from Trader Joe’s.

All this food kept me full until at least 7pm when I thought that maybe I should get up and make dinner.


Roasted chickpeas, butternut squash, kale chips.

I roasted the chickpeas in clementine juice, cinnamon, S&P and apple cider vinegar.  Baked clementines are amazing with flavor!

017 018

B-nut squash with garlic powder, kale chips with the last of the Heinz ketchup.

Dessert was a tea, adora disk and sugar cookie.  No pictures.

We are heading to Ellicott City tonight to check out the night scene.  We shall see how it is over there.

Have a great night!


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