Valentines Day Wrap-Up

Good Morning!  It is Presidents Day so Nick an I are both off from work.  I have plans for a vegetarian lunch in the city with a friend, LOTS of cleaning and then dinner with Nick’s family for his birthday.  First I owe you a Valentine’s Day re-cap.

To start off I had way too many of these for breakfast.


Then when I got home from the grocery store I needed to make dessert soooo I had to sample the cake base.002 So basically to this point I had only had cookies and cake to eat…who am I? A ten year old?

I made Nick a Valentine’s Day brunch but all I could muster was a small amount of Oikos, blackberries and banana.

003 I didn’t get hungry until 6pm at night when I started to make dinner and the smells filled the apartment.  I made a little goat cheese and cracker plate for Nick and I.

004 Like my Lilies?  They are from my secret lover 😉

Our Valentine’s Day dinner was also a special dinner for Nick’s birthday week.  He planned the menu.  Buffalo strip steaks marinated in red wine, fresh green beans with balsamic mustard sauce, goat cheese potatoes au gratin.  I also had a few glasses of wine through dinner.

005 006 007

008 The griddler did a great job getting the grill marks onto my streak!  Nick forgot he was eating buffalo, that is how non-gamey it tasted.

And now for the best of the dinner!


Dessert!  Personal tiramisu!  Again by Nick’s request.  I sort of made up my own recipe off some I researched on the web and I also simplified it.


  • lady fingers (I used Madelines)
  • pour Kailua and fresh brew coffee over cakes
  • pour mixture of; marscapone cheese, brown sugar, regular sugar, more Kailua
  • re layer one more time and sprinkle coco powder on top layer

Some times tiramisu calls for brandy but Nick loves Kailua so I just stuck with that.  Most recipes also called for cream cheese, but I just used all mascarpone.

011 012

This was super yummy and really easy to make actually.

Nick and I finished out the Nick with a few more rounds of Band Hero and Zack Efron in 17 Again.  It was a cute movie and Nick actually laughed at certain lines.  It was a very successful easy Valentine’s Day meal and activities.

This morning I snapped a few more pics of my lilies.

013 014 And a pretty basic breakfast of cereal and fruit.


Uncle Sam, TJs fiber, Kashi H2H, pear, orange cranberries, dried blueberries.

016 Time to get my clean on!

Check ya later!


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