Real Simple

I learned something interesting today…Sissy does not like to be locked in any place.  She has been having a bit of sniffles, and I thought a little steam would be good for her.  I knew she didn’t like being shut in, but I thought she would chill out; instead she spent her time between the two shower curtains meowing at me.  Cameras and water do not mix.

Backing up to the day…lunch

004 Leftover butternut squash, roasted chickpeas and spinach.  I also had some crackers on the side.  Nick was a Theta Chi.

Simple, delicious and filling!


I have decided to eat bigger lunches and snack at home.  This is all in an effort to not stuff my face with things like graham crackers and cookies before I even make dinner.

This afternoon’s snack was the last quinoa crunch square.

007 These little guys took me forever to get through.  Next time I don’t think I will add nuts because I couldn’t really taste them and I had put them in whole.  Maybe just almonds or something?

Tonight’s dinner was out of this month’s Real Simple.


Scallops with Snow Peas and Couscous – this was so simple and only required 4 ingredients!


  • 2 servings of whole wheat couscous, cooked according to the box directions in veggie broth and a splash of OJ
  • 2 servings of scallops browned in EVOO S&P – I used bay scallops
  • lots of snow peas cooked in the scallop pan once scallops have been removed and covered.
  • 4 orange peels cut into strips added to peas
  • I also added 2 small organic yellow peppers

This was crunchy, easy and simple!


Yummy browned scallops!  They are bagged frozen wild caught from Target.  Yes, they have sea food now in their Archer Farm line.

I am also trying to cut back on my dessert portions, so I ended with a lovely Adora disk.


I missed these little dark chocolate vitamins!

No Biggest Loser tonight so Sissy and I are going to curl up and watch an episode of Project Runway and then some Olympics.

Have a great night!


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