So, How About that Run?

Before getting to the running portion of my afternoon I am going to lead you there through some food.

003 Spinach, tomatoes, peppers and goat cheese gratin salad.  Orange cut like KATH!  Why has no one else thought of cutting oranges like this before????  I guess bartenders know about it.

004 005

Look at those layers of potatoes!  I used the mandolin that Nick’s mom got my for Christmas on the smallest setting and it was so easy!

The afternoon came and went and my nerves started to get really high.  I snacked on the last of my prunes and almonds from my desk on my way to the gym.


It was so weird remembering what to pack this morning.  I had to go back to the bedroom at least 3 times before I got it all.

Then it was time.  I had my knee brace on that I had gotten for my PFPS just for a little extra crutch.  My heart was racing.  160 standing on the t-mill!!!!!  I sent the machine for 12min at 6.0 no incline.  2 min in I had to stop (did you think it was going to be positive?).  It wasn’t that I was in so much pain I had to stop, but I knew my knee was not right.  I want it to be 100% OK before I start running again.  I got off and did some core work.  It no longer hurt.  I pulled off the brace and got back on the t-mill to make sure I was really off or it was all in my head.  I finished my planned mile, but my knee still felt wonky. When I got off I could feel my knee.  You aren’t really supposed to feel your knee it is just supposed to be there.  I finished my workout with arms and some PT strength moves (what did I have to loose?)  I got into my car and held back tears.  I had just started really running, how could it be over already?

Now I am showered and iced and interested to see how my knee feels in the morning and walking into work.

Where do I go from here?  Get and MRI, see the Dr again?  I am going to see how my knee feels in the morning, talk to Ray and then go from there.  It is not the end of the world, but I don’t really like swimming.  I will have to ask my Dr. what I CAN do if I can no longer run.  Wow that is still so weird to think about.

OK so back to the food…Nick had a soccer game tonight so I mad a meal that is easy and he has recently declared one of his favorites!

008 Curry tofu (he had chicken) with kale (he had spinach).  I love TJs curry sauce!  I also had a everything bagel thin with real whipped butter.  Smart Balance has nothing on whipped butter.009 Steamy tofu and kale.

For dessert I had 1/2 a banana with a smear of dark chocolate PB.

010 I am now watching some Pics (as my mom calls them) and drinking some tea.  At least my lilies are still beautiful and smell amazing throughout the house.


It is also my loves birthday so I am going to try and put on a happy face when he gets home.


(One of the messages I left around the house this morning for him to wake up to)

It is not the end of the world…



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