Winner Dinner!

Good Morning!  Sorry I missed you last night, Nick’s roommate from college was in town so we treated him to trivia downtown and were not back until 11PM (1 hour after my bed time 😦 )

First off lets get to a quick run through of yesterdays eats!  There were some good ones!


Clems, cottage cheese, quinoa salad.

002 I mixed plain quinoa, spinach, carrots, oranage pepper and balsamic mustard dressing.

Check out all of my produce stickers at work!

003 I waited to have my snack until I got home.  Only enough to told me over until dinner.


Dark German bread with a little bit of pb.  Then it was time to get onto making dinner!

011 This was a recipe for chicken pot pie that I cut out of Real Simple last year and have been waiting to make.  It was so simple.  I talked to Jason (Nick’s roommate) the whole time and didn’t really have to pay attention to cooking.  I had cooked the chicken last night when I made Nick’s chicken curry and just shredded it this afternoon.  I cut the recipe in 1/2 and added mushrooms, but other than that I followed the simple steps.

  1. Heat oven to 400
  2. Cook onions and carrots in oil until tender
  3. add flour
  4. add wine and milk
  5. add peas, thyme, S&P, mushrooms
  6. Divided between ramekins or one large 8×8 dish
  7. Cover with pie crust cut outs and vent
  8. Cook for 30min or until golden brown

005 Golden and crispy.006


Broken crust.

I had a little extra dough and after checking out the pilsbury website I made some chocolate chip, pumpkin butter roll-up for dessert.  Baked 10min


Not bad for a 5min dessert.  How can you go wrong with chocolate?  These would be great for a party.

This morning I needed to use up my can of pumpkin, so pumpkin oats it was!  They hadn’t failed me all week, why stop now!

I changed it up and used steel cut oats this morning, but other than that it was exactly the same.



Very thick!

Food Rule! Food Rule! Brought to you by Michael Pollan!  Remember these are rules on what to eat.

Rule #23: Treat meat as a flavoring or a special occasion food.

I think this is a very hard rule mentally for Americans to get a handle on.  Flavoring does not me beef stock, it means a smaller portion ie 4oz instead of 8oz.  I know it was hard to me to not have meat at every dinner.  It seems like it is just something we do as a culture, but I have realized that meat is a privilege.  We should lift meat up higher standards and honestly respect for the animals.  This has been shown decrease injury in the workplace and increase personal health.

I really like this rule.

Yikes that was long I need to get out of here!

Happy Friday!

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