Return of the Waffle!

Good Morning!  Happy Weekend!  I’ve got a lot to do today before Nick’s party but I had to enjoy some Ellie and a Saturday breakfast before heading out!

Ellie is making a spinach, ham and egg pizza and I made waffles!

002 I haven’t made waffles in so long, it was so nice to have a change.  I do love my oats, but the weekend is special!

I used my usual 1/2 cup waffle mix, honey, chia seeds, skim, egg whites, flax, vanilla and cinnamon.  I had two smaller waffles instead of one big one and layered them with jam and banana between…


and almond butter and banana on top.


Gooooooood Morning lovely!  I really wish I had some natural light during my day.

Ellie’s pizza looks really good for a brunch!  Almost like and mixed up ham and spinach quiche minus all of the butter and cream.

OK I need to finish my list and plan out my day!  See you for lunch!


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