Lunch to Lunch

Hello there!  The weekend is winding down and I feel like I didn’t really relax  at all!  Therefore I declare the time after this most me and Zach Efron time 🙂 17 Again is on well, again!

Rewind to yesterday afternoon…I had a little lunch before heading out to pick up all of Nick’s party elements.

001 Apple with PB, veggie sandwich with peppers, goats milk cheddar, cilantro and red pepper hummus.

002 Great combination!  Then it was off to Carvel, Chic-fil-a, Taco Bell and the liquor store.


Party elements, cheesy gordita crunches, fruit salad, veggies and hummus, pretzels, chic-fil-a nugget, chips, salsa and guacamole that every loved!


Ice cream cake!  Nick’s favorite!


Birthday boy!  Nick actually ended up feeling really sick around 8pm, but we stuck it out until 11.  He has been sleeping all day and I just wake him up to shove cold meds down his throat and make him drink water.

I slept in this morning and woke up for a lazy bowl of cereal.

006 Bob’s Red Mill Muesli, Kefir, Kashi H2H Warm Cinnamon, banana, almond butter.


Banana and butter!

Speaking of butters I tried a new one with my lunch today!

008 This tastes like banana chips!  I had another new banana flavored item with my lunch.


Chobani champions collection!  This is a line directed at kids to eat low sugar natural Greek yogurt.  This was also a winner in the flavor category.  This came in a four pack with chocolate.  It should make an amazing dessert!


I also had a spinach salad with tomatoes, peppers and feta.

Now it’s time to go watch Mr. Efron and have a little Emergen-C of my own.  I have to protect myself!

See you after a very special dinner!


One Comment on “Lunch to Lunch”

  1. Moma Beans says:


    What a fun spread for Nick with so many of his favorites. Bummer that he had to get sick…hope he is feeling better. Had a party of my own last night…the theme was Carnival (e) with a combination of Venice and New Orleans influences on the menu. Started with WF sweet chicken sausage, TJ white bean pesto hummus, and mushroom and gorgonzola tarts…jambalya with chicken, shrimp and multi brown rice, aspargus, TJ herb mix salad with pomegrantes, orange and fennel. Did you know pomegranates are seasonal? They did not have any at WF…but I found them at TJ. Home made tiramisu for desset..and a selection of Tuscan wines as other than Amarone, which I cannot affort, the wines from the Veneto are too sweet. Yum…and great decorations too! love you, moma beans!

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