I walked/jogged 1.2 miles today without any pain!  I know 1.2 miles doesn’t seem like that much, but it was so nice to walk off the treadmill after 20min and not have knee pain!

I took it very slow and easy:

  • 5min walk @ 3.5
  • 5min incline walk on 10.6 @ 3.6
  • 5min jog @5.0
  • 5min walk @3.5

I felt like I could keep going with my jog, but I don’t want to push my knee and was just happy I could keep moving!  After my t-mill I did some arms (ouch!) and all of my PT exercises.  I also did a bunch of core work and some foam roller.

Anywho I am currently icing because it can’t hurt, but so far so good!

Leading up to my moment of running I had to fuel myself through the day!

004 Butternut squash soup that I split with Nick, spinach salad with carrots, maters, balsamic and mustard.  I also had some kashi crackers.


Nick ended up having to go home early from work because he was so sick 😦

I once again forgot a pre-gym snack and had to rely on my almonds.  It really wasn’t what I was craving, but I had to eat something and the options in our building are awful.


I was riding high when I got home from the gym and in honor of Meatless Monday I made Nick and I tofu tacos, or tofacos as he likes to call them.  They actually because tofu burritos.

007 Nick actually said this was way better than he thought it was going to taste when I told him we were having tofu for dinner.  I think it helped that I had avocado and cilantro in there 😉

008 I coated the tofu cubes in chili powder, garlic powder, salt, cumin and oregano.  I then tossed them into a pan with some mushrooms and then wilted some spinach in.  This was stuffed into a tortilla shell with avocado, cilantro, salsa and a small amount of cheese (we are trying to keep phlegm down around here).  I also had 1/2 of a sweet potato on the side.

Nick requested another blueberry smoothie for dessert and this time I added some greens in without with knowing!

009 He needs to get better and didn’t say a thing 😉

I had a cup of green tea and an Adora disk.


Now I am going to finish up jeopardy and probably get into bed early!  I do not want to get sick!

Ya Monday is over!


One Comment on “1.2!”

  1. DiFi says:

    Congratulations on the great work out!! You’ve got to get ready for kickball season. 🙂

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