Special Delivery

Good evening.  Nick and I are currently watching Hotel Rwanda on his TV station.  This movie is so depressing considering no one cared about genocide in 1994, but people are bending over backwards to help natural disaster victims today…not going to go there.

I received a special package from the TasteMakers program and FoodBuzz and the kind people of Bertolli!

008 Two of their new sauces to sample and a few recipes for each.  I am excited to try these out.

009 010

Four Cheese Rosa and Arrabbiata (spicy!).

I would have used one of these in dinner but Nick was already on his way with Chinese.  My originally planned meal had a lot of dairy, and that was not going to fly with our current phlegm situation.

It was sure good going down!


Pad Thai with Tofu.

012 This was a tad bit spicy and less peanutty than I remembered.  The place Nick and I got tonight’s meal from Jasmine Asian Bistro.  The food is moderately priced and they have a variety of Asian flavors.  Nick and I are planning on going back for some sushi at some point.

Before I could get to this meal I had some lovely leftovers for lunch! 004

Leftover chicken and wheat berries from last night over greens with a lovely Fuji apple.

005 006

I didn’t think this was going to be enough, but with 64oz of water in definitely filled me up until snack time.

007 Toast with DCPB and BPB.  I really like this afternoon snack!

I am finally going to go settle down and have some green tea while finishing the movie.  Our windows are rattling from the 50 mph wind gusts, but tomorrow is Friday!


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