Dirty Snow Oats

Good morning!  It is extremely windy here and there are wind warnings up all over the place.  We are also getting a little snow that is being whipped all over the roads and cars.

That being said, I am going to try and get out of here a little early so I can spend more time on the roads!

My oats were totally inspired by this crazy wind/snow and obviously Rose’s lovely oatmeal posts.

Dirty Snow Oats

002 The regular oat bran/water/rice milk/cinnamon/vanilla/banana.  Plus 2 tbs raisins, chia seeds, unsweetened coconut, almond butter.

001 Dirty rocks and snow piles covered by the new powder.003 Now it is time for a quick Food Rule of the day, brought to you by Michael Pollan!

Rule #28: If you have the space, buy a freezer.  This is an option for buying pastured meats in bulk and at a lower cost from the farm and storing it.  This freezer will be opened less frequently and therefore there is less of a chance for the freezer burn you get from your standard kitchen fridge.

I would need a house before I could get one of these, but it would be nice to have 1/2 a grass fed cow in my freezer for use throughout the year.

Time to go get the chia seeds out of my teeth and hit the road.  Note, when they are not mixed in, chia seeds stick to anything!

Happy Friday!


2 Comments on “Dirty Snow Oats”

  1. Cute! I love the name of your oats 🙂

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