It’s Finally Friday!

Hello! I have to make this quick because Nick and I are heading out to go bowling with a big group!

This morning was crazy and this afternoon was slooooow.


Leftover pizza that just got better as the day passed and a lovely organic gala apple.  Apples are on of the dirty dozen, you should really try to buy them organic or at least local.

005 Pie in my pie hole 🙂

So this afternoon I thought I would give Larabars another go.  I still have some mini ones from the 1/2 marathon, and I think they expire soon?006 It was ok, but I really don’t like how you get so little bang for your buck.  Same calories but less protein and fiber than a Zbar.  Plus the Zbar tastes a lot better :)  I think my actual problem is I am not that I’m not that big a fan of dates.  They are just too sweet for my liking.

After work I hit the gymbo for the same workout I did on Wednesday.

  • 5min @3.5mph walk
  • 5min @3.6 incline 10.5 walk
  • 10min @5-5.5 mph jog
  • 5min @3.6 incline 10.5 walk
  • 5min @3.5mph walk
  • Core
  • biceps curls, overhead press, side and front arm raises, 20 push-up
  • PT strength moves

All felt good and my knee feels pretty good right now as well.

After a quick shower I got started on making dinner.  I basically made what I had planned last night without the dairy, plus some new sauce from Bertolli!

I used the Arrabbiata sauce.  It had a nice spice with actual peppers and is low in sugar.  I always go for sauces low in sugar.


I poured a cup of sauce in with some onions, bacon, peas and asparagus that I had sautéed.

I served my sauce atop a sweet potato and Nick’s over some whole wheat spaghetti.



I also had a small glass of white wine with my meal.

011 It was a great combo if I do say so myself!

And for dessert I made a lovely graham and Adora disk sandwich.

012 I also had about another 3 sheets of graham crackers :)  Once I open a sleeve of those suckers I cannot stop eating them!

Time to hit the lanes!

Have a great Friday night. Yay for the weekend!


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