Beans and Bread

Another weekend has some to a close and I am getting ready to go read in bed.  Before I can get there let me give you a little run down of about 2pm yesterday until today.

My lunch did not completely fill me up so I went back for a small bowl of Kashi H2H Warm Cinnamon and vanilla rice milk.

001 New bowl!  That is a huge vat of chocolate in the background on the Food Network.

For dinner Nick and I met up with friends for a burger bash in Federal Hill.  I had heard that the burgers at The Abbey Burger Bistro were amazing so I really wanted to try them out!

They have a build your own burger sheet and that is what I went with.

002 I ordered a bison burger with local cheddar, caramelized onions, pickles, tomato, stone ground mustard and lettuce on a classic roll with sweet potato fries.  I contemplating getting the veggie burger and the lettuce bun, but this was a burger place and I felt like my first time needed to be a real burger with a real bun.


This was great!  100x better than Five Guys.  I found that place very unoriginal and greasy.  Along with my burger I got an Abbey Ale (dark with tons of fruit undertones).  They have tons of beer here and their draft selection changes all of the time.

After dinner Nick and I met up with some other friends to hangout for a bit before heading home.  It was a late night!

I slept in this morning until 10AM!!!  Sissy was not happy to wait that long, but she was patient and only bothered me when I moved.

For breakfast I set to work making pancakes and I changed my mind on them about 10 times.  At first I was going to make banana blueberry pancakes and then they because blueberry with pb and blueberry jam.  A few more things went through my head and I finally ended on plain blueberry pancakes with a little real maple syrup.

007 I just really wanted authentic pancakes this morning.  Of course I added flax, chia seeds, vanilla and cinnamon.  I found that cooked blueberries because really sweet and that is why I skipped the jam.006 I had the banana and pb already out so I made a few pb and banana sandwiches while the cakes cooked.

004 Finally enjoyed with some French press coffee.

005008 After breakfast I did a few loads of laundry and contemplating running some errands but instead I chilled on the couch with Sissy and my book until lunch time.

I decided to make 16 bean soup and cornbread thanks to Jen.  I had the beans in my cupboard for a really long time and finally remembered to soak them last night.  I cooked up my Oikos cornbread to go along with my soup and to have a little bit more with my lunch 🙂

009 Big salad with tomatoes, carrots and mixed greens.

010 Multiply this by 4 and you have the amount of cornbread I ate today!

After lunch I started cooking my bean soup with a large can of diced tomatoes, 1 box of low sodium veggie broth, carrots, celery, S&P, bay leaves and garlic.  Simple because I wanted the beans to really stand out.  I set this on high and headed out to Bikram yoga.

It was once again ridiculously hard.  So hot!!!!  It is seriously challenging both physically and mentally.  I definitely did not hydrate enough before class and I had a few moments of lightheadedness.  I wasn’t really a fan of the teacher, but now I know not to attend her classes.

I came home showered, iced my knee and went diving into some beans and bagel.

012 Big bowl of beans and a everything bagel thin with real butter.

013 Mmmmm beans!  I love beans! To list a few that were in here…mung, pinto, black eyed, lima, pinto, white and chickpeas.  That covers half!

Time to get in bed with these guys and fall asleep reading my book!011 Night Everyone!


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