What’s In Your Pocket?

Good Evening!  Welcome to Biggest Loser night!  For now I am watching X-Men (Katherine!!!).  We used to watch X-Men all the time in high school along with U571.  Good times!

My morning was rather hectic but took a nice little dip around lunch time.

006 Spinach salad with carrots, feta, mustard and balsamic, cottage cheese, baby pink lady organic apple.

007 008

Container reuse!

This was not enough to eat!  I had to dig into my almonds around 3pm to hold me over for my last hour of work.

When I got home I had my regularly scheduled snack!009 Toast with Dark Chocolate Dream PB and Banana PB.  I really like this combo, but may like the banana pb better?!?!  There are not many things in life that are chocolate that I would put second.

Dinner’s inspiration came from another Real Simple recipe from months ago.

010 Instead of pork I went with ground turkey breast and omitted the sugar and hosin sauce.  I also added some onions, basil and sautéed mushrooms to my turkey.  I used apple cider vinegar with the cucs too instead of rice wine.  I basically just took the idea and made it mine 🙂

011 In a while wheat pita pocket!  The ginger stood out really nicely in the turkey.  This meal got a Nick seal of approval.  The only thing that bothered me was the cucumbers were a little soggy and made the pita kind of mushy.

012 013

I also made sort of lettuce roll ups to keep with the pocket theme.  In my Romaine boats, pea pods, carrots, goat cheese, EVOO and balsamic with S&P.

Adora and green tea are on their way.  40min until BL! Who else is watching!?!?!?!


One Comment on “What’s In Your Pocket?”

  1. Katherine says:

    Dont forget Bring It On and The Cutting Edge!!!!

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