Blueberry BBQ Chicken

Hola!  Nick and I are currently watching Duke vs. Maryland game for the regular season ACC Championship and Maryland is looking good.  Booooooo.   Factoid – both Nick’s dad and my mom went to Duke at the same time.  They didn’t know each other.

Today went by pretty easily we are dealing with getting all of our capital projects in by the end of the fiscal year and it is a bit stressful.  We are also approaching another quarter end to Stimulus data.  Things are heating up!

At least I had an easy lunch to grab and go.  Beans and bread!


16 bean soup and cornbread.


This soup gets better every time, but it is sooo filling.  I feel like I am a giant lima bean when I am done.

Right before leaving for the day I enjoyed a lovely Honey Graham.010 Today’s recovery workout included 40min of cardio/ 3 miles!

  • 5min walk @3.5
  • 5min incline walk @3.6 and 10.5
  • 20min run @5.0, 5.5, 6.0
  • 5min incline walk @3.6 and 10.5
  • 5min walk @3.5 and 3.5

I also did curls, overhead press, flyers, arm raises, core, PT strength moves and 20 push-up.

The knee felt good.  I am going to try and run outside this weekend and I am so psyched.

When I walked into the apt I was greeted by Sissy and the lovely smell of BBQ.


Lovely blueberry bbq chicken!  Before I left for work today I put 2 organic chicken breasts in the slow cooker with 1.5 cup BBQ sauce, 1 cup chicken broth and 2 handfuls of bloobs.


I topped some broccoli and bok choy with my share of the BBQ and dug right on in.

013 I think it would have been even better if I had added the blueberries right at the end.  They didn’t keep their flavor as well as the cranberries did last time I made bbq chicken.  Overall it was still delicious!014

016 BBQ bloobs.

Green tea and Adora are on the dessert menu again.

Lets go Duke!


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