Switching It Up

Biggest Loser was pretty intense last night!  Sometimes I wonder if Jillian’s reactions are real or scripted?

This was Sissy and my reaction to Michael’s choices for teams.


How creepy is this picture of Sissy?  I think she was moving?  You can see the couch through her ears!

001 So we had a great time watching BL.  Larabar made an appearance and you could tell they felt the same way I did about the product.  “This does not taste like pb or a cookie”.

Anywho this morning I really wanted eggs for breakfast and I wanted to switch up my normal oats. Win-win.

004 Two egg pouch, toasted TJs fruit fiber muffin with butta, banana with pb.  Lots of flavor to keep my mouth busy!

005 006

Well see how this breakfast goes!  I got my protein, whole grains, fat, and fiber.

Alrighty time to get moving!  I can’t believe it is already Wednesday, weeks never move quickly for me.

My momma is getting crushed by snow right now!  I guess NE is finally getting the snow they are always supposed to get!

Have a Great Day!


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