Dark Cereal

Well Happy Friday!

I just heard that there is another recall on “processed food”!  I love food recalls because they bring the issues we are facing with our food system to the front burner and people actually pay attention when they think they could get sick. Are any of these food in your house?

Now back to our regular programming…

In pictures what you missed yesterday.  We went to trivia last night and I didn’t have time to post.

001002 003

004 006


007 008


One of these is not like the other…Questions? Comments?

No? OK lets move on to a natural light breakfast!010 So they are still a little dark and grainy but we are so close to sunlight at breakfast time!

In my bowl I had a cold cereal mix.

  • 2/3 cup tjs high fiber
  • 1/3 cup Uncle Sam
  • 1/3 cup Kashi H2H
  • 1 banana layered in
  • blueberries
  • almond vanilla granola
  • chia seeds
  • blueberry jam
  • pb
  • Kefir
  • vanilla rice milk


Blanket of Kefir!

012 Some times you just need a little cold cereal in your life.

And now a quick look at a Food Rule for the day brought to you by Michael Pollan!

Food Rule #32 : Don’t overlook the oily little fishes.

Now I am going to have to say I did try sardines and wanted to barf.  That being said it could have been my recipe and I also hate any fish that tastes fishy.  I would like a professional to make me some sardines and they I can have a good opinion.  I also feel the same way about salmon.  It is just too strong for me but I want to try it!

I have to leave a little early this morning to gas up and get driving.

Happy Friday Everyone!


One Comment on “Dark Cereal”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    I think I got it..they hyacinth? Enjoy the sun today! Vitamin D! Love, Moma Beans…

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