PM to AM

Good morning!  How is this fun weekend treating you?  I can’t believe it is already Sunday morning and we will be going back to work tomorrow.  Barf.

From yesterday afternoon until today. Here. We. Go!  After a few hours of working on my taxes (Federal, a snap.  Maryland, not so much!)

001 Lunch was a lovely green monster made with 1 banana, 1 cup vanilla rice milk, frozen raspberries and about 2 cups of baby spinach.  I also had a bagel thin grilled cheese with meatless balls and a clementine on the side.


002 004

After lunch I finished cleaning the apartment and got the balcony cleared of tons of sunflower seed shells.  It will soon be warm enough to sit outside!

I had a late lunch so I kept dinner on the light side, or so I thought!005 Mexican salad!

  • Romain
  • sweet potato
  • sweet corn
  • cucumber
  • tomatoes
  • jalapeño
  • avocado
  • black bean and corn salsa
  • Kefir dressing with garlic powder, chili powder and cumin

007 006

I also had a side of TJs flax and veggie chips.

Then it was on!  Rock Band rock out!

009 010

Not sure if this was Spice Girls or Styx, but Doug seemed to be truly enjoying himself.

After our Rock Band adventure we  headed out to The Stil for a brew and then h-o-m-e.

This morning I had the breakfast dilemma of not knowing what to make!  Pancakes? French Toast? Waffles? Waffles!  it had been awhile.011 I used the last of my arrowhead mill waffle mix and added flax, chia seeds, egg whites and rice milk.  I forgot the vanilla and cinnamon!

012 Staked waffles with jam and banana topped with more banana and peanut butter.  I also put a little maple syrup to top it off.

Not really sure what is going to be on the schedule today.  I might go check out the Vibram Five Fingers, but I am definitely going for a SHORT run OUTSIDE!

I need to get sucking up the last hours of the weekend!


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