Sunday Well Finished

Another weekend has come to an end and I actually had a pretty productive afternoon/evening.

I did head out to the local running store to talk to a consultant about the Virbram Five Fingers and I also wrote a few e-mails to Ashley and Margaret.  They didn’t have my color and I got a little worried because he highly stressed trail running only.  Now we have a few trails around here, but I do not think I could run the same path for all of my runs.  I also liked to use the trail as my long run location because it is flat and a once a week location.  Apparently VFF didn’t make enough of the shoe and are in limited supplies and colors.  I will continue to do research and consult, but the pavement that surround my home is always going to be a problem.

After shoe consulting I had a lovely lunch.

013 014 015

Green Monster and another bagel melt.

In my brown monster I had frozen raspberries, baby spinach and vanilla rice milk.

In between my everything bagel thin I had the last of my goat cheddar, avocado and cucumber.  I really liked these bagel melts, I wish I could have a griddler in my office.  Fresh pressed every day!  No you didn’t!

After my lunch had digested it was time for my first outdoor run since December 27, 2009!  I was really nervous, my heart rate was up, but my knee felt good.

I had planned on running 2.6 miles with a slight uphill at the beginning.  I ended up doing 3.5 miles!  I was so excited!  I could “feel” my knee, but it wasn’t pain, just there.  When I was finished there was no pain and that made me happy!

I felt so good that I decided to go to bikram this evening to round out my weekend.  It seems to be a nice conclusion.Capture This is not my studio, but just gives you an idea.  105 degrees of heat for 90min and 26 poses.  It takes a lot of concentration and determination.  I love the challenge and what it does for your bones, heart, organs and mind are just a plus.

I made it through all of the poses this time and got a bit further back in camel this time.  Progress.

When I got home I took a nice long shower and then made a simple satisfying dinner with about ten glasses of water on the side.

016 017

I roasted probably my last acorn squash of the season, and cooked a Sunshine veggie burger topped with sautéed onions and mushrooms.

Alright time for Sissy and I to watch the Oscars.  Who do you want to win Best Picture????  I’ve only seen Avatar!

Good Night Moon.


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