Soda Tax?

Another Monday well done.  I got some lovely surprises from my Momma to start off birthday week!  But that was after lunch 🙂

004 Pita with red pepper hummus and tons of spinach.  I also had 2 huge clementines along side.


After lunch I started getting a serious sinus headache and I got this little cloud that comes across my vision from time to time.  It is really weird to describe.  All I wanted to was curl up under my desk and take a nap.  If I didn’t like in a cube, I probably would have.  I took some Advil and settled in.  Then my phone rang and there was some birthday cheer waiting for me down stairs!

007 008

Orange lilies, tulips, snap dragons and other such flowers.006 These made my headache go away quickly.  Well I guess the Advil helped too 🙂

I had to get my windshield chip from last week fixed after work and it seriously took 15min!  The best part was it was free :)  Well not exactly, I do pay my car insurance.  Awesome.

I had another surprise waiting for me at my door when I got home!009 Salad spinner and Ellie Krieger’s So Easy cookbook!

I am so excited to wash a ton of greens in my little spinner this summer.  Yummy farmers market lettuce salads!!!

I am also tagging almost every page in Ellie’s book. Her books are easy to follow and use common ingredients unlike many healthy cookbooks.

While opening my package I had my usual toast with banana peanut butter and dark chocolate dream peanut butter.

010 Perfect snack to hold me over until a lovely Meatless Monday meal.

20min max to make this sucker.


Pesto tortellini with arabbatta sauce, roasted portobello mushroom, roasted asparagus and some fresh shaved parm cheese.

012 013

I also had a lovely side salad with Romain, avocado, maters, S&P, BV&EVOO.

014 This was actually really good!  I really like the Trader Joe’s tortellini, they actually have flavor unlike many other pre-made pastas I have tried.

So on the news front…Have you seen this idea of the “soda tax”?  It saw it on the nightly news tonight and it actually make me really upset.  If they are going to tax soda then they should take the corn syrup that the sugar contained in them not the actual product.

cola corn


Now I am not saying that the soda company and the corn syrup company are not one in the same, but the reason why soda is so cheap is due to its ingredients.  Why do you think that soda made with real cane sugar is more expensive?  Why so you think anything made with actual sugar over corn syrup is more expensive?  I also do not like the science the give saying that people who drink lots of soda are more likely to have diabetes and other conditions associated with obesity.   Like soda is the only reason people put on weight.  There is not one easy solution and a soda tax is not going to keep people from eating over processed cheap food.  I could go on forever about our food system and corn, but I want people to read things for themselves.  I am totally game for anyone wanting to debate the topic!  I love food politics!

Phew this is long is enough!

Have a great evening!

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