Another Good Run!

It’s Biggest Loser night!  Who is excited?  It is getting down to some good stuff.

Today’s weather was amazing! I went for a walk at lunch time and I did not want to go back inside.  Unfortunately we only have 30min for lunch and my stomach was rumbling.

004 I heated up some leftover tortellini with asparagus and avocado.  Of course on a nice day when I am hot, I bring a hot lunch.  I also had 2 clems.  I am not a fan of this type of clementine, they just taste off to me.


All afternoon I just wanted to to be outside running!

To fuel my run I had my favorite honey graham and Zazz!

006 When I got home I quickly fed Sissy opened up the windows and headed back out the door!

I did another 3.5 miles (same run as Sunday) and I didn’t even “feel” my knee.  I felt my right quad a bit, but I already know it is because it is a weak muscle and I just need to build it up again.  This issue has been around for awhile, so I know how to deal and it doesn’t worry me.

After my run I stretched A LOT, foam rolled (ouch), PT strength moves, core moves and push-ups.  It is supposed to rain forever so I am going to try and get on the ET some time later this week.

I really didn’t know what to make for dinner.  I just wanted something cheesy.  Enter pizza quesadilla.

007 In my quesadilla I sautéed up some onions and Portobello, layered down some cucs and swiss then laid the other veggies on top.  A little dash of Old Bay and then on the Giddler for about 5min for melting.

008 010

I also had a nice little side salad of Romain, leftover cucs, maters and carrots.


I cannot wait for farmers market salads! Ahhhh the warm weather made me want a purple pepper and okra!

Time to snuggle down on the couch and watch Biggest Loser!

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